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One Eyed Cats are a Peterborough based Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rhythm & Blues band, who play by the ‘Seat of our Pants’. A night with us will leave you totally breathless and exhausted to the point of collapse because we believe that being a ‘One Eyed Cat’ isn’t just about the playing, it’s about the passion!

The Glorious ‘One Eyed Cats’ specialise in high energy rock and roll, rhythm and blues, and generally anything good fun and deliver high quality music with only one motive – to have, and to provide, absolute satisfaction. However, we are not a novelty band: everything we do is done with absolute conviction and when somebody comes to see a gig by One Eyed Cats, they’re not just coming to see a band – they’re coming to see a complete show!

The Band

On the outside, One Eyed Cats convey an image of light-hearted humour, which people really do enjoy. On the inside, however, we are a very hardworking band, which each member is committed to, for all the right reasons.

One Eyed Cats form a lively 4-7 piece band (according to client specification and preference) and includes a swinging brass section and swags of entertainment. Our music is always delivered with a high level of energy and an amazing level of quality serving up a combination of Rhythm & Blues, Swing, Rock & Roll and Dance music, which always ensures a happy and exhausted audience!

We will also happily work with other artists.

The Set

We wanted to put together a band that people really can’t do anything but enjoy and have a huge range of music in our repertoire, from which we can tailor sets to meet the requirements of a particular venue or event, so don’ t rule out hearing absolutely anything at a One Eyed Cats performance – and don’t be surprised when you enjoy it!

We are flexible and accommodating, so if you have any specific requirements, we do our utmost to deliver and, whatever the occasion, provide a well turned out, punctual band. Dancing, singing, smiling and laughing really does make for an incredibly infectious night out. People can’t help but let their hair down and enjoy themselves.


One Eyed Cats are happy to consider any performance proposal and our experience and flexibility in terms of band members and equipment make all manner of events viable, whether it be for weddings, corporate functions, public venues, musicals or practically anything else you can think of! We can, and do, accommodate anything from performing in a small conservatory to a large marquee!

If you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact Paul:

via mobile on: 07977 594176

via email at:


OR visit our website’s



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Camel Trophy, the definitive history

“Photographer Nick Dimbleby will be talking about his 25 year career working with Land Rover, during which time he has photographed four Camel Trophy events, two G4 Challenge competitions and numerous expeditions and adventure drives around the world.  As well as talking about his experiences, Nick will also discuss tips and techniques for keen photographers, as well as how to prepare yourself and your camera equipment for an off-road expedition.   The talk will be richly illustrated with Nick’s photographs from around the world, and there will be an opportunity to purchase his latest book: Camel Trophy – the Definitive History.”

Confirmed for 2022 News

Doncaster & District Land Rover Club

Doncaster & District Land Rover Club are a friendly family orientated club with a variety of motors and members.


Avenger 4×4

Club Stand Confirmed for 2022 News

Camel Trophy Club

Camel Trophy, known as the Olympics of 4×4, was a legendary series of events held between 1980 and 2000. Synonymous with exploration,
adventure and Land Rover, international teams participated in challenges in some of the most exciting places in the world, from the Amazon to
Zaire. Over the years, every model of Land Rover was used in Camel Trophy, from Series III, Range Rover, One Ten, Defender, Discovery and
Freelander, all painted in the distinctive Sandglow yellow livery. Since the final event took place in 2000 it has been the role of Camel Trophy
Club to keep the spirit alive!



Purchase your weekend camping tickets for the Gathering before the end of May and receive a FREE Classic Land Rover Gathering insulated travel mug

Mugs to be collected from the Gathering.


W H Millington Motors

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Guest Speaker confirmed as Bob Ives, Camel Trophy winner

During the 1980s, the Camel Trophy, an adventure journey and competition started to become well known to British 4×4 enthusiasts especially when the first British team entered in 1986 when the event took place in Australia’s Northern Territory. There were British teams in the annual event from then on and in 1989 the Camel Trophy took place in the Amazon Basin of Brazil. It was here that the efforts of British brothers Bob and Joe Ives – farmers from Hampshire – struck gold when the duo won the Camel Trophy after the gruelling weeks of the event.

This first and only British victory in the so-called ‘Olympics of 4×4’ made headline news around the world and later earned the Ives brothers the prestigious Seagrave Trophy for “victory in the off-road marathon the Camel Trophy, with its 1,062-mile route through the Brazilian rainforest from Alta Floresta to Manaus.”

Classic Land Rover magazine is enormously pleased that Bob Ives will be talking about his Camel experiences at the CLR Gathering this year and will be displaying the brothers’ actual event-winning 110 Land Rover.

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Display of rare Cuthbertson Vehicles

Cuthbertson Tracked Land Rover Conversions

The idea of converting the 4×4 Land Rover to a full-track crawler was tried with some success by J.A.Cuthbertson Ltd of Biggar, Scotland during the 1950s and 1960s. The conversion comprised a sublime that carried the bogies and tracks and four toothed sprockets that bolted to the driven hubs on the Land Rover axles. These then drove the endless tracks that ran around bogies on a separate subframe on which the Land Rover was mounted. The width of the tracks lowered ground pressure significantly and enabled the machine to cross very boggy ground without becoming stuck. The first conversion was based on a Series One and later versions on 88 and 109in Series II/IIAs. The RAF used some 88in versions for bomb disposal duties in marshy conditions but relatively few of either wheelbase were made and even fewer survive.