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1-Ton 109″Land-Rovers 1968-77

One of the rarest production Land-Rovers, with only about 700 manufactured, about 60 survive of which only 10-12 are still on the road.

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Green Line Medical

We hope we don’t need to call on these guys, but in the theme of the Gathering, we have arranged for Green Line Medical to attend to provide full medical cover from first aiders upto paramedics, with no impact on the NHS, as per event safety guidance from the HSE. Hopefully we won’t need them, but it’s good to know they are on hand, just in case. 

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Project Jay

The Land Rover Discovery. 31 years old

In the mid 1980s, a new Land Rover model was being designed under the code name Project Jay, subsequently named Discovery.  At the 1989 Press and Dealer launch in Plymouth there were 86 cars, all with consecutive registration numbers from G451WAC to G537WAC, enthusiast call them “gee-wacks”. (G-WAC)

In 2007, a few owners of these early cars met at the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon, and formed a group called the Project Jay Preservation Group to find the launch cars and any other Jay of interest. Jays were built from 1989 to 1993, which we know as the ‘200’.  The ‘300’ had the code name Romulus.

The group have found 22 launch cars that are still “alive”; together with several other factory registered G-WACs that were used in the factory demonstration fleet, and as test cars.  The group formed a club in January 2019 and have a website at

Roy Preston, Chairman, Project Jay Preservation Group

Club Stand News

Series One Club

The Land Rover Series One Club was formed in 1979 by three enthusiasts for those interested in early Land Rovers, it has since grown to be the largest Land Rover club in the world now with over 3,000 members across the globe.

We publish a bimonthly magazine, Legend, its contents include photographs, historical and technical information as well as forthcoming events.

The Club’s website ( contains Land Rover Technical bulletins, past editions of the club magazine and the world’s largest web based collection of Series One photographs. Our extremely active forum, provides a point of contact for members from all over the world

We can supply extensive range of original and remanufactured parts and also have appointed technical officers who specialise in particular models and can offer expert help.

Visit our stand to learn more or join us.



As a result of the pandemic we needed to find a new venue for our first Classic Land Rover Gathering and feel that Lower Farm, Skillington provides the perfect location, in rural Lincolnshire.

The next problem, with the continuing third lockdown in the UK is the timing, and we hope that pushing the date back to the weekend of 24-25 July 2021, gives us the best chance of finally being able to host the event.

Any tickets purchased for the 2020 event which have not been reimbursed will obviously remain valid for 2021 and tickets will go back on sale soon, and we hope you will join us in July.

If you have any queries regarding the event please get in touch at


Redmoon Overland Equipment

Suppliers of 4×4 Overland Equipment.

Redmoon may be a new name in the 4×4 world. But we have used 4x4s in a business environment for over thirty years, also for pleasure, travel and a dip into competitive events.

Our aim is to bring innovative products to market, or refresh products adding a twist to durability and updating usability.



Counter Rivet Ltd


Undercover Covers/Comptons 2000

Undercover Covers is a leading company in the manufacturing of canvas products.

We manufacture top quality canvas covers for Landrovers and others vehicles. Products include a range of hoods from 80 1948 to 101s,  4-tonne Bedfords / DAF, tailor covers, fume curtains, tentage etc.

We have 24 year’s experience and 10 years working with Landrovers SV on the Camel Trophy vehicles and other prototype work.

A small and efficient unit, working to high standards of quality and performance. Backed by an experienced team and skilled work force.

All types of quality canvas work undertaken, specialising in Land Rover & military vehicles. Authentic materials & original patterns user, satisfaction always guaranteed.

Made to original MoD specifications. Many happy customers and endorsements from military vehicle clubs, including several EMLRA members.

Feel free to contact us if you have any specific requirements or wish to examine samples of our work..

Call Steve: 0121 622 5562 / Fax: 0121 622 6322


M.R Army Surplus

We are East Yorkshire’s largest retailer of British Military

Surplus Clothing and Accessories.


Portable Power

The company was formed in 1994, initially operating from a base in Horsforth, West Yorkshire. We began importing jump starters/portable power packs. Success came quickly and larger premises were soon needed. By mid-1995, we moved to our current headquarters near Knaresborough in North Yorkshire, England. By the end of that year. we had secured a sales relationship with Snap-on Tools. From the outset, Portable Power Limited concentrated on what customers want by speaking to the tool distributors and end-users, then we set about designing and manufacturing our own jump starter. In 1999 we launched our compact, reliable, rugged, robust power pack, the Portable Power 1700, which was sold exclusively through Snap-on UK initially, then worldwide through Snap-on USA for almost 20 years.

Now Portable Power markets its own-branded power packs, with the latest version, the 1800 Rapid Charge, being launched in early 2020. All of our jump starters have detachable leads for secure storage. They are available in a choice of lengths and with a choice of clamp, which makes this pack truly versatile. Also they all have a fully automatic 3-stage 5A Rapid Charger included with them.

The jump starters from Portable Power Limited are a premium product for professionals in a range of industries. These packs are hand-built and 100% of them are tested for every function before being packed and despatched, thus ensuring their quality, strength and performance. We do not compromise on quality.

Because we are so confident in our products, they are covered by a comprehensive 24 month warranty. We collect and return packs direct to the end-user, so that you will not be troubled with any problems whether the unit is in or out of warranty.

Our customers are in a range of industries, including automotive, agricultural, marine and other leisure pursuits.