Line up from 2021 Past Events


In creating a more traditional Land Rover show, the event simply wouldn’t be complete without a Dog Show, so bring your dog along in the Land Rover and you may leave as a prizewinner. The Dog Show will be open to all breeds, all ages, all types from pedigree champions, to farm dogs to sit in front of the fire pets. This is Boris our company mascot packed with the family into the back of the Land Rover ready for a camping trip.

We won’t charge for dogs, however as we are on a working farm, they must be kept on a lead at all times.

Judging the Dogs, we have Jacqueline Straubinger who has an experienced knowledge of dogs, in particular Terriers. She is a full time committee member of The Wire Fox Terrier Association and has bred and shown Wires to championship standard, including Crufts. She grew up in a world of dogs with her father’s pack of Rohodesian Ridgebacks and her mother’s Cocker Spaniels. Her aunt was the famous Vera Fitzpatrick who was the president of The National Keeshund Club, an international show judge and breeder of Keeshunds. Her cousin, Brenda Strivens, was founder of The Southern West Highland White Terrier Club, also an international judge and breeder of Terriers. Jacqueline has judged all breed dogs in Rutland, Northampton and Essex.