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Leafers Overland

LEAFERS OVERLAND – ‘old skool’ camping featuring some interesting Land Rovers and their owners who are ready to chat about their experiences on the ‘road less travelled’…

This group is for the owners of leaf sprung Land Rovers who already use, or would like to use, their vehicles for overland and expedition travel, either half way across the world or half way across the country. Hopefully the contributions from the group will encourage others to embark an similar adventures…

Kay & Jon’s Land Rover – ‘Brutus’

Land Rover S2a 88” 1964 swb    –      ETU 377K / Military Reg No: 66 EK 90

First Used / Registered in 1963/4 Army FFR usage and no distinctions in any way sadly

Chassis No: 24113283B     –    Full Canvas Tilt / Colour Light Stone GlossPetrol 2.25 5 bearing block, Turner Engineering Stage 3 head, Webber carb, Ashcroft Transmission ‘High Ratio’ Gearbox, Stainless Steel replica Fuel tank, Parabolic’s etc

We have owned it since 1995 when it was in need of lots of TLC – a little bit of Chassis Welding, plenty of fixing! – used regularly along with ongoing repairs etc – replacement block due to the original 3 bearing engine throwing a piston through the side of the block. Later 5 bearing ex-military until 2006 when it finally failed an MOT with major Chassis work required….

It stood idle for about 6 years… connected a new battery, tipped a bit of fuel down the carb – Started second time!!! – clutch was freed up and it sort of drove!

2012-14 Complete Rebuild with New Galvanised Chassis, Refurbed & Galvanised Bulkhead & Radiator Panel, new brake lines, master & slave cylinders etc, fully re-wired with ‘Fuses & Relays’. Rear custom racking & cage through the canvas tilt for a Roof-rack. It has been re-built for our needs and purposes – a comfortable ride with plenty of usb outlets, sound deadening for normal-ish conversation and maximising sensible storage within the confines of a small vehicle just in time for it’s 50th Anniversary Morocco Adventure – always an ongoing project to ensure it stays ‘fit-for-purpose’ we’re just happy that it gets us where we want to go!