Undercover Covers/Comptons 2000

Undercover Covers is a leading company in the manufacturing of canvas products.

We manufacture top quality canvas covers for Landrovers and others vehicles. Products include a range of hoods from 80 1948 to 101s,  4-tonne Bedfords / DAF, tailor covers, fume curtains, tentage etc.

We have 24 year’s experience and 10 years working with Landrovers SV on the Camel Trophy vehicles and other prototype work.

A small and efficient unit, working to high standards of quality and performance. Backed by an experienced team and skilled work force.

All types of quality canvas work undertaken, specialising in Land Rover & military vehicles. Authentic materials & original patterns user, satisfaction always guaranteed.

Made to original MoD specifications. Many happy customers and endorsements from military vehicle clubs, including several EMLRA members.

Feel free to contact us if you have any specific requirements or wish to examine samples of our work..

Call Steve: 0121 622 5562 / Fax: 0121 622 6322